Dr. Adrian Heald

Dr. Adrian Heald

Mid-Norfolk Labour Party
Press Release

The Labour Party has selected their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for
the Mid-Norfolk Constituency. He is Dr Adrian Heald, an NHS specialist with
strong Norfolk connections both personally and professionally. Dr. Heald has
previous experience as a Parliamentary Candidate and is a national
campaigner for proper funding for the NHS and Social Services, for fully
integrated public transport and for an end to Food Poverty. He has also
spoken on the same platform as Norwich MP Clive Lewis for a Second
Referendum on UK membership of the European Union.

Dr. Heald will be based in Wymondham throughout the General Election
Campaign leading up to Polling Day on 12 December 2019.
Pictured here Dr Heald said ‘Many people in Mid Norfolk voted Labour in
2017. My job over the coming weeks is to reach out to everyone in Mid
Norfolk with a positive message and a clear description of who I am and what
I stand for’.

A short election campaign in late autumn and early winter is challenging both
for the candidates and also for the public who have to decide who to vote for.
Dr. Heald is also the originator of #foodbankfriday to draw attention to the
victims of austerity and people in working poverty. He is happy to run the
General Election campaign digitally http://www.midnorfolklabour.com/
as in his own words ‘the less trees that are felled the greater the benefit to the
environment’. Dr. Heald concluded by saying ‘A vote for Labour is a vote for a secure and more equal society as we go forward into the next decade of the 21st Century.

What I want to see is proper funding of our NHS and Social Services, a
carbon neutral UK economy as soon as this can be achieved, an end at last to
youth unemployment and policies from the next Government that truly reflect
the multicultural profile of our workforce and communities. That is why I am
standing to be the MP for Mid-Norfolk.’